Window spaces are one of the cosy spots as you can curl up in this space while enjoying the fresh natural air. Sipping on coffee while reading a book can be a favourite pastime as you can comfortably sit in window space.

Window seat
Create your own seating area with bay windows. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a nook where you can sit, relax, read or drink a cup of coffee? Building a nook offers a unique charm to your room. Such window space does not just offer scenic views but is cosy too. One can decorate this window space by placing miniature sofas or small mattress. You can further decorate it with lots of cushions and pillows. Create a dreamy spot that is sure to make anyone feel envious.

Comfort spot
Don’t be sad if you do not have bay windows or kind of windows where you can create a nook. You can still create a comfortable spot by the window. Get your favourite curtains of your favourite texture or pattern or colours.


Treat your large window as if it is a stage, place royal chairs in between or maybe just one elegant sofa would do too.sofa window

A piece of furniture
Create a small table and chair arrangement in front of the window. You can give this room a touch of vintage charm. Give a brick texture to walls then have a bookshelf place nearby.

You can also create comfortable dining directly in front of the window.


Frame the window
This idea will take a booklover to the ninth cloud. Create a bookshelf around the window so that the window has a built-in bookshelf. Along with books, you can keep globe, guitar, plants, frames, shapes or initials crafted out of wood.

The sky is the limit if you want to be creative decorating a window space.

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