This Akshaya Tritiya, it may make better sense to buy real estate, instead of other assets. Here are the reasons why?

As Akshaya Tritiya is considered an auspicious time to invest in property, every year, prospective home buyers hope to finalize their purchase during this period and also look for lucrative offers to sweeten the deal. Over the past two to three years, property prices in most places have not increased and in certain cases, they have even gone down. Consequently, home buyers today can get houses for a lesser amount, as compared to those who purchased around four years back, by around 30%-40%, adjusting for the interest paid on the investment. Moreover, the property market is now relatively stable, with minimal risk.

According to experts, This Akshaya Tritiya is special for many reasons

  • The market is at its lowest point and to top that, developers are willing to offer special schemes to their customers.
  • With the new Real Estate Act, buyers can now buy their dream house, without worrying about delays in delivery and quality issues in the end product.
    5 reasons to buy a home during Akshaya Tritiya, over other asset classes


  • Experts point out several reasons to justify why it makes sense to opt for real estate over other asset classes:-
    1. Property prices are at their lowest point. Moreover, the market is less volatile now and prices are bound to increase gradually but steadily.
    2. It is easy to mortgage property and generates liquidity immediately, in times of need.
    3. Real estate can generate steady income, in the form of rent.
    4. Investing in property also has several income tax benefits.
    5. Gold, shares and other similar investment assets, are actually more volatile in terms of their market prices in comparison to reality.


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