Make your small apartment look bigger with these inexpensive decor tips. Here are top five styling tricks that make a small living room seem bigger than it is!

All white
White looks peaceful and inviting. Keep the walls and floor white. They brighten up the place. Add photo gallery on walls. Keep the furniture minimum and try to make it look minimalistic. A less cluttered room can be created by adding a colourful piece of furniture.

white room

Light curtains or shades will help natural light to pass through windows. It will make a small room look bigger. It would look great if you can match up curtains with a wall or furniture colour.

Coffee table
One big coffee table would take up a lot of space. Instead, try using two small coffee tables. They can be easily moved wherever else you may need them.

Choose lighting that can be attached to the walls. Or go for lighting that is hung from above to save room on floor space. Swing Arm lamps also free up space on side tables.


Don’t push the furniture up against the walls. Try leaving some space behind the furniture. It makes a room look wider than it is.

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