Home décor makes any home look more stylish. When you decorate your home you get a chance to give your own personal touch. Here are top 5 home décor themes for your home sweet home.

  1.  Bohemian
    A free spirit like you would fancy this décor idea. Bohemian décor is influenced by gypsy or hippie style. This décor uses lots of fabric around the house. This décor style is an unconventional, which embraces an artistic lifestyle. This style gives off an earthly eclectic vibe. The clothing used for is usually frilly, has fringes and different printed patterns and textures. Bohemian décor is about giving off vivid feel with vibrant colours.
    bohemian home décor
  2. Nomadic
    Nomadic décor can take some inspiration from Bohemian décor style. You can decorate your house with various things you bought from places around the world. Maybe paint an entire wall with a World Map. One can use as many vibrant colours as possible to make a place look lively. Incorporating furniture ideas from different parts of the world or playing around with exuberant murals, mirrors, painting is also a great idea.  
  3. Contemporary
    Contemporary décor is for people who keep themselves updated with current trends. One can also go for mid-century modern décor, too. The colour theme usually used in contemporary décor is white, black, pastels and neutrals. They make your house look elegant and sometimes, minimalistic.
    contemporary home décor
  4. Nature
    A house with plants and lots of greenery does look refreshing. You can decorate a house with a theme that is inspired by nature. One can have wooden types of furniture such as round shaped wooden coffee table, wooden shelf, and a grandfather clock. One can also have a small herb garden in the kitchen.  
  5. Asian
    Do you fancy Asian style of décor that looks and feels peaceful. It is because it uses as much as natural elements possible.  Asian houses are built in a way that provides lots of natural light and cross-ventilation.  

Your décor style defines you so make sure you choose the one that suits you.

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