We Indians love festivals. Festivals bring real joy with them.  A festive ready home gives off a positive and joyous vibe. This Diwali, make a house look more lively.
But, how to decorate a home to make it festive ready this Diwali? Here is how…

Incorporating Local culture:
We do incorporate local culture in our daily lives. It comes quite naturally to us. Local ethnic style comprises vivid colours, textures, blend of different cultures etc.

Ethnic Indian Home Decor for Diwali 2018

Taking inspirations from ancient Mahal from different parts of the country, or from the royal houses can make a home look rich. Here one can use a wood material for the furniture. Wood murals or wall arts would look great too!
Indian culture is so rich that you would find décor ideas for floor decoration as well. Floor rugs from Rajasthan give off royal look to your living room. Braided multi-coloured rugs look rather artistic if you happen to have an art piece to complement it with.

It is all about colours
Indian house is a blend of vivid colours. You can find colourful candles or jars to put in the showcase.

A living room with an Indian sitting arrangement and lots of colourful pillows make it look cosy and inviting.

Flowers and plants are an integral part of any Indian home. Flowers make any room look whimsical and they bring floral flare look with them. Flower arrangements can come in varying heights and types. The same goes for vases. Choice of flowers should be made such that it blends well and complements its surrounding.

Lights and some more coruscating lights

Diwali is about flashing coruscating lights. Lights bring the true feeling of festivity. They look great if arranged in glass windows or glass doors. For walls, one can go for hanging lamps from pottery shop. They look decent and illuminate the surrounding spaces.

Ethnic Indian Home Decor for Diwali 2018

This Diwali, surprise your guests with a festive ready home.

Have a safe and happy Diwali!

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