This summer, why not give a makeover to your home with décor trends that are going to grab eyeballs. Read on to know about the most in trend décor trends for summer of 2018 and start revamping your home!

  1. Abstract Geometric Art

This season the use of strong geometries with subtle or bold colours will sure be a good to start with. Use these lounges, study and personal office spaces to give them a new and refreshing look.

  1. Get Your Walls Talking

Removable wall art is an evergreen style-reinvent your spaces with dynamic sculptures. Hence, get them out and up.

  1. Incorporate Potted Plants

Incorporating nature into interior decor is always a fresh and smart move. Adding potted plants in your living spaces, lobby, study room or even bedroom will help to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. Different ornamental plants, Bonzi, and other flora add life to any space, without a doubt.

These plants come with attractive pots that add that zing to your spaces.

  1. Add the Metallic Zing

Anything metallic is a sure shot winner. They have the charm, the shine. The substance that acts as a wholesome package. Give the furniture setting a dash of rose gold or pure silver and golden hues to your coffee tables.

  1. Add Quirk To Your Surfaces

Adding small things make big changes to your surfaces. And, this décor trend is going to be a hit this summer. Quirky vases, animal sculptures, teapots and more items like these will add another dimension to every surface you choose to decorate.

  1. Curved Sofas/Chairs

Another trend making noise this summer is the incorporation of curved sofas that seem to a nice alternative to the usual L- shaped ones. They look great from every angle, take in the shape of the space well and make your room look beautiful. They also add a contrast to regular rectangular room.

  1. Use Bold and Floral Prints

Floral prints have taken over the home décor scene. They bring liveliness and make the space look home look bright and welcoming.

Bold floral prints with distressed wood finishes make a brilliant statement. These are very warm and inviting making your lounges or bedroom look beautiful.

  1. Choose the Right Colour

The dull shade of yellow-gold is going to rule the summer of 2018. Add it in your décor with dark shades of walls to create wonderful effects.

So, when are you adding a dash to your house?




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