It is summer! And, it is the best time to give your house a makeover. From splashy prints, bold colors among others, a few here and there changes can give your home a complete makeover. You can make it like a tropical beach or make it like a calming lake cottage, the season gives you a number of options.

Here is a list of some trending colors for summer décor that are perfect for the summer season.


Turquoise is a vibrant shade of blue that makes a bold statement on the wall. You can either try a single accent wall in a bedroom, or fill an entire space with this forward-thinking shade.


Sunny goldenrod shades to make a cheerful, cozy statement.  A warm yellow gives organic and natural feel and goes best with cream and blue accents. Golden ochre is one of the best picks for this season.


Add a sophisticated feel to your living room or dining with a dash of blush color to your walls. a shade of dusty rose that re-imagines neutral home styling. A combination of classic pink with this sophisticated color is a definite pick.

Earth Tones

The shadowy shades of earth with umber combination can give your living room an all new look and feel. Also , with red and green accents for a relaxed room.

Vibrant Red

This vivid shade designed to stand out, but an accent wall in this fiery color can help energize and harmonize a space.

Shades of Purple

This rich and thoughtful shade of purple adds energy and depth to any room. Whether you’re bold enough to commit to an all-purple color scheme, or prefer to experiment with home accessories first, this complex hue is one to watch.


Soft and washed pastels like sandy pinks and mint green can redesign a simple room esthetically. It can create an environment that can disconnect and recharge. These along with washed neutrals, greens and pinks together create a perfect harmony.

Serene Shades of Blue

A casual and calm blue that immediately makes you feel more at peace. Include the serene shades of blue on your house to give it an ultimate summery look.

Metallic Shades

Metallic shades are no longer a dramatic color choice. In fact, they’re part of the ‘new neutrals’. Add a few gold accessories to give your room a different touch.

So which one are you picking for your new room?



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