Even small changes can make a huge impact in room designs; the attractive interior designs help mood to feel light. A good wall painting, mirror decoration or planting plants can change and make the whole new look in your home.

Here are the design tips which can inspire you to change your interior design


  • Choose Correct Paint according to your room- It is always important how good your home looks internally. Colour combination in different rooms makes the differences, avoid dark colours because it make rooms look smaller and dark colours absorb more lights and it gives dull looks. Make sure you use a different colour combination in bedroom, living area and dining hall etc.
  • Wall designs- A good wall design can make your mood. Always choose a good design which can motivate you and feel good, avoid dark designs or the designs which you personally don’t like. You can choose a design like a galaxy shot or a spiritual image that can divine your soul.
  • Go Green- Everyone loves a green environment and what if you get a fresh air and relaxation along with it! A plant can change the whole structure of your rooms and it takes away all the bad air and give you a fresh air to breadth and feel.
  • Bamboo Baskets- Keep bamboo baskets in your kitchen or living room. It adds storage in the most significant way. You can keep fruits and veggies or you can use it as a basket for toys. It gives your surroundings a vintage and raw look.
  • Mats and rugs- A good rugs can add great texture and colours to your living area. Hardwood floors look good but it’s not as comfortable as floor mats. Overly design rooms don’t really translate into modern life. A pillow collection and an art arrangement that are apparently chaotic, create a dressed-down look with plenty of styles.
  • Lighting your rooms accordingly- Always use a correct light for your bedroom, kitchen and living hall. Lights put an impression on the surroundings. Avoid direct focus on the face; use dim light in the TV room and bright lights in hall and kitchen.
  • Follow Combination- Use maximum colours is not mean a good design, using a good combination of matching colours is what important. Follow a good combination of colours that will suit and match with the existing colours. The Good colour combination doesn’t mean same colours.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow these options.


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