No one likes to stare at the bare walls because it is boring! Not just a living room but rather any room needs to look stunning. Walls can contribute a lot to make any room look pretty. Let us look at the top wall decorating ideas.

  1. Gallery Wall
    Everyone has a set of pictures they like the best. Pictures with their family or friends. One can use photo frames to frame their favourite pictures and decorate the wall.
    gallery wall
    gallery wall 2
    One can also have a collection of Polaroid photos to form some shape out of it.
    gallery wall 3
  2. Wall Quotes
    Got a favourite quote? Then stick it on the wall!
    You can find online sites where you can get your favourite quote printed in wall sticker format. Or you can always paint one!
    wall quote
  3. Mirrors
    If you happen to be a fan of the Victorian era then you can decorate your walls with gorgeous mirrors.
  4. World Map
    Wanderers or travel lovers would love this décor.
    world map
  5. Indoor Garden
    Nothing can make your room look pretty than pretty plants on the walls. Plants would not just make it look pretty but they will help keep the air fresh. It also helps in improving your mental health and reducing stress.
    There also exists some plants that help remove ammonia, benzene etc. from the indoor air.
  6. Shapes on the walls
    Shapes on the walls like geometric shapes look stunning. One can paint using a stencil or can craft some amazing shapes using wood or metal. One can also try creating a piece of art using different shapes.
  7. Wood Pallet Accent Wall
    Wood pallet walls give a rustic and aesthetic look to your room. You can play or experiment a lot around wood pallets.
    wooden pallet
  8. Signboards and Letter
    A romantic or even cheesy signboard is worth having.
    Teenagers would love decorating their bedroom by having a wooden initial.
  9. Trendy Bookshelf
    A bookshelf that looks like a tree would blow any bookworm’s mind.
  10. Trendy Wall Hangings
    Wall hangings have come a long way. But trendy wall hangings can change the entire look of the room.
    wall hanging
    Dreamcatchers are very popular wall hangings these days.
    dreamcatcherWe hope you liked these wall decor ideas. Which one you liked the most. Let us know in the comments.

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