Don’t we all dream about living in a mansion like house with over five to eight rooms with our whole family? Or maybe cozy up in your one BHK apartment alone after a very long hard day in office? No matter what your housing aspirations are, the one trend that you might be seeing emerging that your house size is moving proportionately with your family size.

When you are living away from your family, somewhere off in the city and someone talks about property investment, the ideal set up is investing in an one bhk apartment, but on the other side, when you are newly married, your property choice automatically shifts to a two bhk apartment.

See how the housing preference is changing with the number of occupants who would be living in it? Let us delve in it a little further.

In this article, we will be looking into the ideal home type that you, as a buyer, should look into depending on your family size.

Let us begin.

Single Person Occupancy

If you are in your mid twenties and there is at least five years for you to marry, buy a one bhk in a location that is in the market as the next up and coming locality. And keep saving money to flip it for a two bhk some six seven years down the lane.

Two – Three People Family

If it is just two people in your family right now, move in a two bhk apartment, the day you start planning for a family. Once you expand your family from two to three or four, live in 2 BHK till your children are at least eight to ten years old, but once older, start looking for a three bhk as you will soon face a space crunch when your relatives start coming in.

Joint Family

If down the lane, you are planning to extend your family and live with at least two more generations, then it is time to look into localities that come with the promise of great future ahead, even if it is after ten years from now, invest in it (after due consideration).

So, here you go. Now you know how to buy a house that would grow with you as your family grows. The only thing to remember is to think at least 3 – 5 years ahead of where you are now





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