Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Ans: A home is a meaningful investment forever. Your dream will be fulfilled with a carefully- chosen project. Owning a world-class home will cherish your completeness.
  • Ans: Yes, it will give you peace of mind and satisfaction before purchasing a property. Also, you can assess the authenticity of the projects personally.
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  • Ans: Several legal documents should be assessed before you own a property. Like the construction approvals, occupancy certificate, and verification of the seller, among others.
  • Ans: First, evaluate your property's price with an expert. Also, get the no-objection certificate from the management of the housing society before the final decision.
  • Ans: Yes, it is possible only with the right contract contingencies and clear communication on both sides. Also, the feasibility of cancellation should be presented before splitting amicably.